Why Choose Aluminum Furniture

If you’re considering adding seating to your backyard or patio, you’re probably weighing the pros and cons of each outdoor furniture material. While many people opt for patio furniture sets made of wood or plastic, those made of cast aluminum are also definitely worth a look. As a very durable material choice for outdoor furniture, cast aluminum is a great choice.

It is durable and wears resistant

The number one reason we love using aluminum in exterior furniture is that it’s very durable and hard-wearing.

This is a true “set it and forget it” option in the outdoor furniture world, just set it up and it’ll be ready for you to use for years to come.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is also naturally mildew-resistant, and will not rust, chip, or crack. This makes it an ideal material for a variety of climates, from super humid to super cold.

Snow, rain, or extreme heat, your aluminum outdoor furniture will hold up.

It’s light

Also, keep in mind that durable doesn’t have to mean heavy. One of the downsides of steel furniture is that it’s heavy — so heavy that you probably don’t want to move it. Not so with aluminum.

While aluminum is very hard-wearing, it’s surprisingly heavy, making it perfect for families who enjoy entertaining and may find themselves rearranging their outdoor furniture to suit different needs.

Made from extruded aluminum tubing, Ferly’s aluminum furniture is lightweight enough that you can move it yourself, but not so light that it will blow away in bad weather.

Requires minimal maintenance

Unlike many types of wooden outdoor furniture, aluminum furniture does not need to be oiled to prevent it from looking worn. It holds its shape so you don’t need to worry about bending, warping, or breaking. Plus, it can withstand the elements without cracking under pressure.

Easy to clean

Clean outdoor furniture is attractive outdoor furniture. And the good news about aluminum is that it’s easy to clean, which means you can always have clean, stylish, top-notch furniture.

To clean aluminum, simply wipe with a cloth to remove dust and grime. When it’s time for a deeper (but still simple) cleaning, hose down the furniture or scrub with regular soap and water. Do not use any harsh cleaners.

Final Thoughts

At Ferly, we’re committed to sustainability and making furniture that will last your family years of fond memories, creating furniture made with quality materials and craftsmanship, while offering timeless, timeless designs that never go out of style. Aluminum outdoor furniture is just that—timeless, stylish, and versatile enough to fit every kind of backyard decor.

Browse our product list and aluminum furniture blog, we will give you more knowledge about aluminum furniture in the next issue, and look forward to meeting you again!

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