Origin Of Teak Furniture

Teak, known as the king of all woods, is a famous precious wood species in the world. Teak is considered the best wood of its kind and is used to make luxurious outdoor furniture and is very popular around the world. We certainly know that while teak outdoor furniture stands out from its peers for more than one reason, its beautiful aesthetic appeal is one of the main reasons, teak is known for its durable and stylish appearance.

When you buy teak outdoor furniture and accessories, you are investing in a material with a rich history dating back many centuries. Today we will take you to know more about the origin of teak furniture and understand its value.

The main origin of teak

Teak is a tropical hardwood species native to South and Southeast Asia, found in countries such as Malaysia, India, Myanmar, and Thailand. The name teak stands for the hardwood species, Tectona grandis. Since a single teak tree can reach an incredible height of up to 200 feet, a single tree can produce a huge amount of wood!

At present, teak on the market mainly comes from three origins: Burmese teak, teak legally felled by the Indonesian National Forestry Bureau/private felled teak/Laos teak, and teak is grown in Africa/South America.

Growth years of teak from various origins

The quality of teak is mainly determined by its growth year. Teak (Burmese teak) with a long age has good stability and resistance to deformation. At the same time, its color is darker and its oil content is better. Based on our experience, the following are the growing years of teak from various origins:

  1. Burmese teak: more than 60 years old, mostly wild forest;
  2. The Indonesian National Forestry Bureau legally felled teak: about 40 years, the tree diameter exceeds a certain size before it is allowed to be felled and exported;
  3. Private illegal logging in Indonesia or teak in Laos: ranging from 10 to 50 years, which is relatively chaotic, both wild and planted teak;
  4. Teak in Africa/South America: about 25 years;

From the comparison of teak in the above-mentioned origins, it is not difficult to see that the Burmese teak is the oldest, because the longer they age, the better its oiliness and the highest density, so its quality is the best.

Timber is a non-renewable resource to a certain extent. With the sharp increase in the use of teak in recent years, the price of teak in Myanmar has also skyrocketed like a roller coaster in the past two years. Some brands, even some first-line brands, have begun to use teak from other origins. Substitute for Burmese teak.

Final Thoughts

Teak furniture is one of the most expensive and popular types of outdoor furniture, and the strong and durable wood is perfect for outdoor activities. It has a wonderful honey gold and brown color, which is very suitable for use in the garden, we have a lot of teak furniture in our store, you can click the picture below to enter the teak furniture section to choose, there will be one you like.

In the next issue, we will tell you how to distinguish Burmese teak from other origins and provide you with certain guidelines when choosing teak furniture. We look forward to meeting you again!

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