Interior Design Trends 2022(Ⅰ)

It’s been a long year, so when it comes to thinking about our favorite interior design trends for 2022, there’s good reason to rejoice. We look at the moods, movements, and pieces that will shape interiors this year and beyond.

From the growing importance of sustainable materials to elegant elements and a celebration of individuality and uniqueness, our editor of interior design trends for 2022 will provide you with curated looks to make your home sensational in the new year style to bring into the new year.

Sizeupwith statement lighting

The smart bathroom lighting idea is an integral design element that should be planned at the beginning of the project, and this year’s recommendation is to “go big”.

Almost all lights can now be adapted for bathroom use and its full speed ahead statement lighting. “Oversized lighting adds ambiance and drama—think of it as the jewel of the space,” says designer Shayelyn Woodbery.

Introduce a large number of texture elements

The organic nature of wood, stone, and linen, and the touches and hues that come with it, lend a warm and inviting feel to a 2022 home.

In 2022 and beyond, using textures in interior design will be at the forefront of our decorating decisions. In the current economic climate, it’s no surprise that more and more people want to create a home full of pampering and cocoon prosperity. Quite simply, without texture, the space becomes flat. It’s the perfect way to add depth, dimension, and decadence to a room.

This room has a wealth of textures, from the mixed tones of the herringbone tiled floor and the different woods in the furniture to the chalky finish of the wallpaper and the blocky design of the upholstery.

Excitewith two-tone color combinations

Most paint charts are organized in color families, so it’s easy to find two shades that work together or contrast. Remember that dark colors take up more space visually. Use a darker shade below the eyeliner and a lighter shade closer to the wall color above; it will help break up large areas of cabinets and storage and make you feel calmer and more comfortable than a high-contrast scheme Less lumpy.

Try not to be too smart when choosing paint colors. Instead, study the color wheel and take inspiration from decorative items you plan to include, such as art or upholstery, and think of paint as the backdrop, not the main event.

Escape with designs inspired by distant lands

After actual global travel disappeared, we turned to our homeland for more inner adventures. By 2022, our city walls will transport us to far-flung lands full of lush palm trees and wildlife.

“Distant landscapes and flora and fauna add drama to the walls and provide an alternative to the outside world that we all crave,” said Tricia Guild of the Designers Guild.

Final Thoughts

Decorating trends for 2022 will see textures and elements we want to embrace for health and well-being, as well as comfort and comfort, in our homes. Ferly brand hopes to bring you more comfort and relaxation through our indoor furniture, and feel the beauty and warmth of home with your family!

Browse through our product list and blog, we will continue to share with you the 2022 interior design trends in the next issue, we look forward to seeing you again!

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