Interior Design Trends 2022(Ⅴ)

Today is the last blog post on interior design trends for 2022, and we will also recommend some of our latest interior furniture for you, so check it out!

Channel Latin American flair 

Traveling to an exotic backcountry may still not be feasible, but that doesn’t mean your home decor needs to stay in one place.

Here, heady colors and upbeat patterns combine. Introduce flavors of Latin America with parakeet greens, palm trees, and Jazz Age motifs (a reference to Buenos Aires’ Art Deco architecture) and sun-bleached Havana-inspired statement tiles.

Embrace sculptural furniture

interior design trends sculpture design

Interest in the sculptural design shows no sign of abating in 2022.

Simple sculptural furniture and sleek accessories help combat the chaos of modern life. Thoughtful cool greys, beiges, and browns add depth to a white space. Patterns come in graphic forms such as arches and thick lines.

Warm up with a smoky eggplant color palette

Smoky purple is the ideal accent to contrast with the earthy neutrals that are trending right now, like clay and stone. It comes alive when paired with natural shades like tan or ochre.

If you want to create a stronger impression, pair this shade with a stronger violet or magenta, either way, this elegant shade makes a scheme you can snuggle up to.

Make a statement with the color of the Year 2022

There is something about the idea of a purple room. With Pantone recently announcing the bold blue-violet shade of “Very Peri” as its color for 2022, we’re seeing this color everywhere.

“As we enter a world of unprecedented change, choosing PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri brings a new perspective and vision to the trusted and beloved blue collection,” explained Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Leatrice praised its “happy attitude and vibrant presence” for the color for inspiring “brave creativity and imaginative expression” for the year ahead.

Take inspiration from the Swedish country house style

A quirky rendition of country house style full of surprises; it’s cheerful, charming, colorful, and nostalgic. This look is a fusion of antiques with chubby plaid and sweet illustrations. Interior designer Beata Heuman embodies this captivating aesthetic.

Wow with whimsical elements

There is ingenuity and flair for this imaginative method of decorating. Create your own Narnia with cascading flowers and fabulous references. Restraint is required here; a thoughtful touch will suffice.

Final Thoughts

2022 will be a very fashionable year, join hands with the Ferly brand to bring you together to decorate your warm and stylish home!

Browse our product list and blog, we will share the knowledge of rattan furniture with you in the next issue, and we look forward to meeting you again!

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