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Interior Design Trends 2022(Ⅲ)

Every year, professional designers and home editors happily predict the design trends that people will welcome into their homes, and it’s always interesting to discover the color palettes, furniture choices, and other decor elements that are all the rage right now.

Let’s continue our exploration of interior design trends for 2022 today, and we’ll also recommend some of our latest interior furniture for you, so check it out!

Embrace the return of the sauna

Nordic traditions will be shared in homes around the world in 2022. As the bathroom is increasingly seen as a well-being center in our home, where we can go to relax and rejuvenate, a sauna can add a pleasant and luxurious vibe to a room.

(Image credit: TylöHelo)

Some suppliers offer custom saunas that can be tailored to fit your space. Luxury models may provide remote control, mood lighting, and a built-in sound system. In any case, make sure you buy a quality model from a reputable supplier and use a professional installer for safety reasons.

Look to reimagined design classics

In 2022, as we recall the comfort and reassurance that familiarity brings, we will also breathe new life into historical pieces and transform them into 21st-century aesthetics.

The Venus cabinet by Alfred Newall for The New Craftsmen echoes the sensibilities of 16th-century vertical cabinets—similar to the overhead chests of drawers used to store personal treasures—with modern recessed doors, simplified over-the-legs, adjustable shelves, The secret drawer, and the olive color of the moment.

“Design trends are constantly changing, but the way we make furniture is centuries old,” says Newall. “I wanted this piece to combine modernity with tradition.”

(Image credit: New Craftsmen / Harry Crowder)
Embrace the rug renaissance 

As we enter the upcoming rug year, famous design names are lining up to leave their mark on the floor. Bringing warmth and comfort underfoot, a statement rug will complete your decorating scheme.

Bethan Gray translates her linear Inky Dhow motifs into rugs with cc-tapis, Martin Brudnizki has an eclectic collection with The Rug Company, and Ken Fulk with Pierre Frey is a color jarring. Floor Story teamed up with rising star Mac Collins.

“I want to convert a three-dimensional object onto a surface,” Collins said. Deirdre Dyson’s All at Sea collection, an ode to the sea, will also launch in January.

(Image credit: Deirdre Dyson)
Borrowing colors from nature

After a period of isolation, it is no surprise that we are drawn to nature. Landscape-inspired hues will dominate. “The driving force behind this season’s colors is the desire to elevate vibrancy and vibrancy while maintaining balance,” said Jenny Clark, head of the color at WGSN.

(Image credit: Paul Massey / Skye McAlpine)
Revel in modern equestrian designs

Rooted in decorative heritage, horses have historically been seen racing and hunting primarily against backdrops of dark, moody tones. The new equestrian sport focuses on the romantic beauty of the animal and its ability to win rosettes, as well as classic conventions after race days.

Stefan Ormenisan, MD, MINDTHEGAP, said: “Capturing the spirit of the quintessentially British equestrian pastime with a modern twist evokes a whimsical sense of nostalgia.”

(Image credit: GP & J Baker)

“It’s not about living in the past, it’s about taking elements from it and bringing them into the home in a raw way. Horses are often used indoors in a traditional, no-nonsense way, so I bring them into the home in a natural way. Want to create something new that is softer and more dynamic? “

Final Thoughts

When we feel the interior design trends in 2022, there will always be a design that impresses us. Ferly brand hopes to bring you more comfort and relaxation through our interior furniture, and feel the beauty and warmth of home with your family!

Browse through our product list and blog, we will continue to share with you the 2022 interior design trends in the next issue, we look forward to seeing you again!

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