How To Protect Teak Furniture(Ⅱ)

This blog will continue to supplement the methods of maintaining teak furniture. Have you tried the entry-level maintenance methods in the previous blog?

What is a teak sealant?

Teak sealant is often used to maintain the elegant tawny gold color of fresh teak. It also provides protection against UV rays, mold and even moisture. All of these help teaks maintain its integrity and robustness as it ages.

Teak sealants have a thin, watery consistency and are solvent-based. They can easily be applied to furniture in coats that should be renewed every 6 months or annually. However, it must be remembered that no matter what color of sealant you use, depending on how old it is, this is the color that will remain.

When applied to fresh teak, its honey-brown color lasts for a long time. If you use it on a silver patina it will be the reserved color. If your outdoor teak furniture has a shade of silver that you don’t really like, you can lightly sand it off to reveal the light brown wood underneath.

However, this must be done before using the teak sealer. You can buy teak sealant from hardware and marine stores.

How to use teak sealant

Teak sealants are generally easy to apply because they have a water-like viscosity. The following steps detail how to apply a teak sealer to furniture. 

  1. Thoroughly clean outdoor teak furniture with water and mild detergent. Use a brush with soft bristles to gently remove dirt, moving in the direction of the grain with each stroke.
  2. Dry the furniture in the sun for about 2 weeks to ensure there is no moisture in the wood and to open up its grain.
  3. Lightly sand off any stubborn discoloration you want to remove from the furniture.
  4. Spray the sealant on the furniture, then wipe the liquid with a lint-free cloth, or use a brush to spread it evenly.
Teak oil or teak sealant?

You may hear a lot of people recommend using teak oil to add shine or prevent wood fading. However teak oil does not do these things. Instead, it can damage your outdoor teak furniture by promoting mold growth.

It will also add greasy surface texture and may attract greasy stains, since teak naturally produces specific oils, there is no need to add other oils to its surface.

Sealants, on the other hand, have protective properties that help slow down wood deterioration and maintain its color. If your goal is to improve the color of your outdoor teak furniture and remove stains with teak oil, a better option is to thoroughly clean the furniture and lightly sand it, after which you can apply a sealant and clear coat every year to maintain the blue-green natural golden-brown hue.

Final Thoughts

Teak furniture is more like your child. We need to take care of and maintain it professionally to make it truly timeless furniture. Browse our product list and tips on how to protect teak garden furniture to ensure your outdoor furniture stays in top condition.

In the next issue, we will continue to teach you how to maintain teak furniture, and provide you with certain guidelines when using teak furniture. We look forward to meeting you again!

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