How To Protect Teak Furniture(Ⅰ)

Classic outdoor wood furniture is always a great way to add character to your backyard. Anyone with a little knowledge of wood furniture will tell you that teak is the best wood for outdoor furniture.

Not only does teak furniture look great with its elegant tea-gold color, but it also lasts longer if cared for properly. Teak is a sturdy hardwood that is durable, very stable, and non-perishable even when exposed to extreme weather conditions, but if teak furniture is left untreated, it will turn a silvery grey over time. Naturally weathered premium teak remains in great condition even after many years, and today we teach you how to properly care for your teak furniture!

Protect teak furniture

Since teak produces its natural oils, it is resistant to water, most stains, and dry rot. With proper maintenance, outdoor teak furniture can stay intact for many years.

While some protection measures will ensure the longevity of your teak outdoor furniture, how can you do it in a time-consuming and expensive way to protect your outdoor teak furniture? All it takes is an occasional good cleaning and some simple products.

Teak protector

Teak Protector is a safe, water-based, non-flammable solution free of solvents, volatile organic compounds, and harmful ingredients that accelerate the deterioration process of outdoor teak furniture.

Unlike most teak sealants, varnishes and oils, teak protectors are also safe for the environment. Thanks to its water-based formula, the product spreads easily and provides a non-greasy even finish. Additionally, the solution helps protect outdoor teak furniture from harmful UV rays, allowing the wood to age more slowly and retain its original honey brown color for longer.

How to use a teak protector

Follow the steps mentioned below to successfully apply a teak protector to your outdoor teak furniture:

  1. Make sure your furniture is completely dry. If you have washed your furniture, let it dry in the sun for two weeks;
  2. Use a lint-free cloth to apply an even layer of teak protective layer;
  3. Let the solution penetrate the teak for 4 hours;
  4. Apply a second coat of teak protector and leave the furniture for 24 hours before taking it outdoors.
Clear teak coating

If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your outdoor teak furniture, we recommend using a clear coat on top as well. Not only will this give your furniture a shiny look, but it will also add an extra layer of protection to prevent premature deterioration of outdoor furniture.

However, before applying the varnish to the sealant, make sure the sealant has enough time to fully cure.

How to Apply Varnish

The following steps can be used to apply a clear coat to outdoor teak furniture:

  1. Lightly polish the top surface of the furniture;
  2. Apply a uniform layer of varnish on the entire furniture;
  3. Wait for the first layer to dry;
  4. Apply a second even coat of varnish.
Final Thoughts

Outdoor teak furniture is generally more expensive than other types of wood furniture because of its sturdiness, low maintenance, and long life. However, when you buy this luxurious wood type, the first question that comes to your mind is, what is the best way to protect teak furniture? The key is to make sure the wood stays dry and regularly cleaned and maintained through a variety of products. Browse our product list and tips on how to protect teak garden furniture to ensure your outdoor furniture stays in top condition.

In the next issue, we will continue to teach you how to maintain teak furniture, and provide you with certain guidelines when using teak furniture. We look forward to meeting you again!

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