Buying Guide For Teak Furniture(Ⅱ)

This blog continues to complement the Teak Furniture Buying Guide, which aims to provide customers with unbiased information to help them make more informed purchasing choices.


Buying the highest grade of teak does not necessarily guarantee quality. Teak must be properly dried to a maximum of 12% to ensure your furniture is durable enough to last a lifetime. The moisture content of teak is a very important indicator of whether the wood will warp, crack or crack. If the teak is not properly dried and has a high moisture content, the potential for negative behavior increases. Unfortunately, kiln dryers are very expensive to run, maintain, and purchase, so some suppliers often avoid this step entirely as a cost-saving strategy. Of course, their product quality will be much lower. If you work with a quality, reputable retailer, you can ask them if their product is kiln dried and they will know. If they don’t know, you might think the moisture content is too high.


Properly drying the teak in the kiln involves using the correct temperature and time. There is no point in trying to dry the wood quickly, as this will cause the teak to warp. Because kilns are expensive and time-consuming, many manufacturers do not use kiln drying at all, and those often try to speed up the process by drying the wood to a higher than ideal moisture content. For example, a manufacturer may decide to dry the wood to 22%, rather than the more ideal 12%, to remain competitive, but in the process, they are reducing product quality. Furniture that has been dried to incorrect moisture content, or that has been air-dried will always be heavier because the furniture has a higher moisture content.

Wood source

A key component you may not have thought of is where your teak comes from. Make sure your teak comes from a legal and reputable government-controlled plantation.

Too cheap

Beware of extremely cheap prices or furniture that is not guaranteed. You want to buy a quality product so you don’t have to replace it regularly and generate a lot of waste.

Final Thoughts

The teak furniture of Ferly is taken from high-quality teak in South America, and the drying machine is used to ensure the best drying degree of the wood, ensure the quality of the teak furniture, and make your teak furniture have a higher lifespan. You can buy with confidence!

Browse our product list and blog, in the next issue, we will continue to provide you with the knowledge of purchasing teak furniture, and we look forward to meeting you again!

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